Avantera Elevate Review (2024) Does This Supplement Work?

James Cunningham, BSc, CPT
Published by James Cunningham, BSc, CPT | Staff Writer & Senior Coach
Last updated: March 25, 2024
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Are there other ways to boost cognitive function beyond diet and exercise?

As a health and performance coach, I always strive to make sure that my clients are in their best mood, have elevated cognitive function, and focus all through their workout routine.

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Avantera Elevate, which claims to facilitate all of this. I tested it with my team for a few weeks and researched its ingredients, benefits, and side effects.

So is Avantera Elevate the right supplement to optimize your mental health?

Read on and find out before you make the decision.

What Is Avantera Elevate?

Avantera Elevate close up image

Avantera Elevate is a well-promoted nootropic supplement that claims to improve cognitive functions by supplying the brain with the minerals it needs to operate properly.

Avantera Nutrition, the company behind this product, asserts that it helps increase memory, attention, concentration, and other abilities.

Avantera Elevate is a professionally validated supplement meant to be used at the beginning of the day to provide you with brain health benefits throughout your day, allowing you to optimize mental performance and productivity.

It contains a variety of well-known botanical and plant extracts, such as L-theanine, turmeric, and Bacopa Monnieri.

That said, the manufacturer states that it is developed with all-natural components that are non-addictive, have no negative effects, and are scientifically validated.

Suited for Men & Women

Avantera Elevate

Avantera Elevate

Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System


How Does Avantera Elevate Work?

hand holding a capsule

Avantera Elevate works by promoting cerebral vasodilation, which expands blood vessels and increases cerebral blood flow.

Greater blood flow results in increased oxygen delivery [1].

This further promotes attention, focus, and mental processing, enabling the brain to work at its best while removing brain fog.

The supplement provides a fundamental way of improving cognitive functions with a formula that delivers nutritional advantages to users.

It aids in producing hormones that calm the body and mind while lessening unwanted impulses and tension.

I found out that although this mode of action is highly effective, it is not appropriate for all consumers.

Many prefer looking for nootropic supplements that impact higher cognitive function or mental processing.

Avantera Elevate Ingredients

Avantera Elevate Supplement Facts

We've previously highlighted a handful of the ingredients. However, it is worthwhile to go through everything in greater depth here.

Elevate comes in two capsules per serving. It contains mixes including Mood and Gut Health,  Avantera Focus, and Energy Blend. The ingredient profile for each dose of Avantera Elevate is shown below.

Avantera Mood and Gut Health Blend (355 mg)

This blend contains the following ingredients:

  • Turmeric powder: According to one of the studies on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website, Turmeric is a herb containing a polyphenol known as curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that promote mood and gut health [2].
  • Bioperine Black Pepper Fruit Extract: Bioperine is a kind of black pepper extract. This component is critical since it improves Lion's Mane and turmeric uptake. Taking turmeric alongside Bioperine can boost absorption by 2,000%. Increased absorption implies that you have improved gut health  [3].
  • Organic Lion's Mane Mycelium Powder: Lion's Mane mushroom can stimulate neuron proliferation and improve gut function. According to another study found on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website, this mushroom can also boost serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine levels [4].
  • Bacopa Herb Extract (300 mg): Bacopa is a plant that contains a variety of useful bioactive compounds, primarily bacosides. According to a study, it is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredient that may significantly reduce neuronal peroxidation, providing protective advantages to the neurons and improving working memory [5].

Avantera Focus and Energy Blend (295 mg)

This blend comprises CDP Choline, L-theanine, caffeine,  and green tea extract.

  • Caffeine/Green Tea Leaf Extract: Elevate has a little caffeine. Caffeine is also included in green tea extract, whose effects include anxiety reduction, well-working memory, concentration, cognitive ability, and general neuroprotective effects [6].
  • CDP Choline: CDP choline (also known as citicoline) is a byproduct of choline that functions as a source of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Since acetylcholine is involved in several cognitive activities, CDP choline has the potential to boost cognition. CDP choline supplementation has been demonstrated to increase memory and concentration and may be useful for persons with cognitive impairments [7].
  • L-Theanine: Green tea extract is the primary source of L-theanine. This substance has been shown to boost alpha waves inside the brain, which are connected with a calm yet conservative mental state [8]. This is probably aggravated by its capacity to raise GABA concentrations, which raises serotonin and dopamine. L-theanine was also found to lower anxiety and tension and may even increase sleep quality.

"L-theanine's advantages are connected with producing a relaxed mood without causing lethargy. L-theanine may potentially have minor cognitive-enhancing properties, particularly when combined with caffeine."

– Bill Willis, Ph.D., M.D.

3 Avantera Elevate Benefits

Two focused individuals doing their work

Elevate's name says it all: it's designed to elevate your productivity each day you use it. It ought to give you more energy and focus, better attention, better memory, and a better mood.

Let’s go over these benefits and how they’re achieved.

1. Increased Focus and Energy

Our tests indicate that Avantera’s blends foster a healthy microbiota, which may boost your energy levels.

The focus and energy result from the elevated levels of essential neurotransmitters engaged in each.

These include essential elements like increased dopamine and acetylcholine levels caused by bioactive compounds like green tea leaf extract, CDP choline, L-theanine, and Bacopa Monnieri.

Each of these should boost cerebral blood flow, resulting in more vitality and improved brain function.

2. Improved Memory

man writing on his notebook in the library

Our tests also indicate that most of the nutrients found in these blends also help with memory, particularly short-term memory and total working memory.

The rise in dopamine, together with enhanced GABA and serotonin production, results in an improvement in mood and gut health.

3. Improved Gut Health

Some of the plant-based herbal components are well recognized for their capacity to improve gut health and function.

For instance, Lion's Mane mushroom and turmeric may help improve your gut microbiota.

When it comes to the actual pills, they are flavorless and simple to swallow.

I've been taking the supplement every morning on an empty stomach, and I’ve noticed some mild improvements in my concentration so far.

  • It has a perfect combination of clinically backed ingredients
  • The nootropic supplement is affordable and simple to use
  • It is GMO, nut, soy, dairy, and sugar-free
  • There are fewer adverse effects compared to some similar products
  • No DHA, ginseng, or B vitamins
  • It may cause adverse effects like stomach cramps and dizziness

Avantera Side Effects

According to our testing phase, the following are some of the possible negative effects of Avantera Elevate ingredients:

  • It contains turmeric that can induce diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting, and gastroesophageal reflux.
  • Avantera Elevate can cause changes in your blood pressure.
  • It may cause dizziness, migraines, and mild blurred vision.
  • It contains caffeine that may cause allergic responses (especially in caffeine-intolerant people); Caffeine might make you anxious and irritated and cause sleeplessness.

How to Use Avantera Elevate

Holding a capsule in front of the camera

You should take two Avantera Elevate pills with an 8 ounces glass of water within a few minutes to one hour of waking up for the optimum benefits.

Avantera comes in 60 capsules (a total of 30 servings), which can pair well with coffee in the morning.

Based on my experience, I recommended to consume it on an empty stomach for better results.

The supplement has a modest dose, with a lot of the substances being buried in unique blends.

However, what we can determine from the total amounts each mix contains is that nearly every component is underdosed. This doesn’t apply to Bacopa, which seems to be dosed properly.

To even start to obtain your money's worth, you'll have to consume double, if not triple, doses.

As a result, it is both cumbersome and costly.

At first, I only experienced minimal effects of the supplements. But only when I pushed over Avantera's advised dosage did I notice a maximum impact on my memory and concentration.

Who Should Take Avantera?

A stressed man wearing eyeglasses

You should take Avantera Elevate if you are highly stressed, prone to anxiety, and want better cognitive abilities throughout the day.

It contains mild stimulants, and the majority of its components are designed to give a serene, steady concentration.

However, if you want to go about your day more peacefully while improving your performance and productivity, this supplement is worth considering.

Who Shouldn't Take Avantera?

You should not take Avantera Elevate if you are caffeine intolerant or have high or low blood pressure.

You should also avoid taking this supplement when operating machinery or driving.

In addition, pregnant women and lactating mothers are also advised against using Avantera Elevate. This also applies to children.

Where to Buy and Price

man using his laptop

This nootropic supplement may be purchased through their official website.

For one-time purchases, it will cost you roughly $50 for each bottle.

You may also select their "subscribe and save" option, which means you'll receive it monthly for a price ranging from $46 to $50.

As a result, the price for each serving varies from $1.67 to more than $2.

Considering this, it is quite pricey. Of course, it's also intended to be an "all-in-one" supplement, so that is something to bear in mind.

Suited for Men & Women

Avantera Elevate

Avantera Elevate

Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System


Shipping and Delivery

The delivery may take 4-5 days for one-time purchases. However, when you choose their subscription program, they deliver the nootropic supplement after every 30 days.

You can cancel the subscription at any time.

For international purchases, delivery time will vary depending on the location. That said, they do offer free shipping services to their customers.

In my experience, the delivery only took two days. It's fast enough, so it's best not to try getting Avantera from other unverified websites and platforms. While they might offer same-day shipping, you might be dealing with fake products with dodgy ingredients.

Other Users Testimonials

Giving thumbs up while using laptop

"Since taking Elevate, my mood and focus have changed for the better. I'm two weeks in, and I'm loving the effects without any side effects. I know I have bad anxiety & haven't been on any meds. But Elevate has helped improve my focus. I can complete tasks without brain fog and mood swings"

– Tempie, United States

"This product helped give me an additional boost of energy and mental performance. It was more expensive than I would have preferred, but it was worth the money. I plan on ordering more."

– Carol, United States

"I feel a lot better when I take this! I can work 12-14 hour days and not feel like my body is crashing at the end of the day! Glad I chose to try it! It was a wise choice! Recommend this to more ladies my age! Soon to be 50!"

– Cathy, Miami

"I've been taking this supplement for about two months. Within my first few days, I felt pretty good (it could be a coincidence), and I felt like my mood was more stable throughout the month. I really can't say that I noticed any additional concentration. I hoped it would improve over time, so I ordered a 2nd jar. Almost done with the 2nd jar, and I still have to drink the same amount of coffee, I still get brain fog, my mood has definitely not been stable, and I don't feel increased focus."

– Becca, United States

Comparison to Other Products

Now that we’ve covered all the basics, let’s see how Avantera Elevate compares to other products.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is an excellent nootropic supplement. Like Avantera Elevate, its main function is to support brain health by providing it with the nutrients it requires to produce neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.

It aids in the optimization of how we develop and maintain waveforms and chemicals, as well as increasing brain health and regeneration.

Unlike Avantera Elevate, Mind Lab Pro has brain-boosting effects on both short- and long-term well-being and performance.

Our tests indicate that they both contain almost the same elements; however, Mind Lab Pro comes with a better-packed formula.

When compared to Avantera Elevate, whose ingredients are underdosed, Mindlab pro has well-dosed constituents that have been clinically tested.

Mind Lab Pro also includes B vitamins to help with red blood cell synthesis and energy levels [9].

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain product

Compared to Avantera Elevate, Alpha Brain has a more potent combination of nootropic substances.

It provides relaxation primarily through the amino acid L-theanine, which enhances alertness, relaxation, clarity of mind, and mood [10].

Alpha Brain provides a healthy dosage of vitamin B6, which the body requires to make serotonin, a mood-boosting hormone. Research shows a direct relationship between anxiety and a lack of vitamin B6 [11].

They both solely contain natural substances, such as green tea extract, that boost the generation of neurotransmitters and alpha waves.

Unlike Avantera Elevate, Alpha Brain is caffeine, nut, dairy, and gluten-free and supports the keto diet.

Our tests also indicate that it is designed for practically any adult and may be used in conjunction with almost any nutritional need.

Gorilla Mind Smooth

Based on my experience and research, the purpose of Gorilla Mind Smooth is to improve overall brain function for both gym exercises and concentration at school or work.

Gorilla Mind Smooth's ingredients mainly comprise amino acids and herbs, compared to Avantera Elevate, which mostly consists of plant extracts.

Unlike Avantera Elevate, which requires two capsules, Gorilla Mind Smooth recommends three capsules for optimal efficacy.

I recommend the same.

They both contain green tea extract, which has been demonstrated to aid in the accurate execution of complex tasks [12].

However, Gorilla Mind Smooth contains Alpha GPC, a component linked to improved neurotransmitter levels, which helps reduce anxiety and improve general focus and brain function [13].

Related Articles:

"Alpha-glycerophosphocholine (alpha-GPC) is a cholinergic substance used to improve cognitive function and boost energy output in sportsmen. It appears to maintain cell membrane, and it may aid in the prevention of cognitive degeneration."

– Kamal K. Patel, M.D.


How Long Does Avantera Elevate Last?

Avantera Elevate provides effects that should last for at least eight hours.

How Many Times a Day Can You Take Elevate?

You can take Avantera Elevate once a day. The recommended dose is two capsules every morning on an empty stomach.

Is Avantera Elevate FDA Approved?

No, Avantera Elevate's efficacy has not been confirmed by FDA-approved studies.

How Long Does It Take Avantera Elevate to Work?

It takes Avantera Elevate about half an hour to start generating its effects.

Does Avantera Elevate Perform Differently for People with Various Lifestyle Needs?

The effectiveness of Avantera Elevate may vary among different individuals, such as students, professionals, or seniors, depending on their unique cognitive demands and lifestyle factors. Understanding these differences can guide potential users in setting realistic expectations based on their personal needs.

Is There Scientific Evidence Supporting the Claims of Avantera Elevate?

Avantera Elevate's claims of enhancing cognitive functions are backed by scientific research and clinical trials, which provide credibility to its effectiveness. Discussing this evidence can help users make informed decisions based on proven results.

Are There Any Known Interactions Between Avantera Elevate and Other Supplements or Medications?

It's important to consider potential interactions between Avantera Elevate and other supplements or medications, as such interactions could affect the supplement's efficacy or cause adverse effects. Users should consult healthcare professionals, especially if they are already on medication, to ensure safe and effective use.

Our Verdict on Avantera Elevate

Elevate is marketed as a "cognitive supplement" that increases brain abilities such as energy and focus, attention, and memory.

However, our tests indicate that it is slightly underdosed and lacks numerous other important ingredients that ensure maximum benefits.

That’s why I always recommend Mind Lab Pro to my clients. It is a vegan-friendly product with no additives used.

All of my clients reported not having encountered any side effects after using this nootropic supplement for five months. They also experienced increased memory and elevated focus and energy during their workout.

We Recommend This Instead

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro

Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System

  • Great combination of herbs and amino acids that work as a cognitive abilities enhancer
  • Added B vitamins to support red blood cell production and boosted energy levels
  • Great feedback from users that it can help with relieving stress and anxiety levels
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
  • The capsules are not the smallest ones to swallow
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