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Inno Shred Review (2023 Upd) Should You Buy This Fat Burner?

Donald Christman
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Last updated: March 20, 2023
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I always tell my clients that if they want to lose weight faster in a cutting phase, they have to get their diet and workouts right first. Only then should they consider taking fat burners like Inno Shred.

The problem with many products like Inno Shred is that they spend way more on marketing than on creating a useful and effective formula to help lose weight and burn fat.

So we brought in our dietitian along with nine clients to help us out with research and testing, and we also compared our test results to other fat burners on the market.

Let’s dive into our findings for this Inno Shred review.

What Is Inno Shred?

Inno Shred close up image

Inno Shred is a fat-burning supplement made by Inno Supps. It’s a popular dietary supplement company that has a range of weight loss, pre, and post-workout products.

Inno Supps claims that Inno Shred is a potent thermogenic supplement that can burn fat rapidly for weight loss.

Now I will say that they don’t claim this is a magic pill that will get you beach body fit by sitting on the couch.

What they are referring to is using ingredients that trigger metabolic thermogenesis, which is a natural response in the body that slightly raises your temperature by burning more calories from fat reserves [1].

We’ll see how well that works and what science says about the Inno Shred ingredients, such as grains of paradise and green tea extract.

Suited for Men & Women

Inno Shred supplement product

Inno Shred

Overall Score 4.1

Inno Shred Benefits

Top view of a supplement powder

For our research, we had some clients help out with running our own trial with this fat-burning supplement. We went through one week of cutting without any intake.

And then went through a couple of weeks using Inno Shred daily to compare the results to the baseline from week one.

Let’s take a closer look.

Fat Burning

Inno Shred contains ingredients like caffeine and green tea that have been linked to fat oxidation through thermogenesis [2]. That should mean that you burn more energy throughout the day and ultimately lose weight.

During our testing phase, we only measured white body fat (not brown adipose tissue), as we were mainly interested in whether it can burn fat that you can see, i.e., belly fat.

We did record a slight improvement in stubborn body fat loss because in the weeks with Inno Shred, there was a faster reduction in BMI. The big question was whether it was fast enough to make a decent difference.

I’ll get back to that shortly.

Appetite Suppression

Holding a fork with green food

When you want to lose weight and burn fat, you have to limit your calorie intake. And the best way to do that is to avoid snacking and extend intermittent fasting periods [3].

And one way to lose weight is to take fat loss supplements that help you stay full for longer.

Unlike other fantastic appetite suppressant pills, during our testing phase, we didn’t notice such an appetite suppressant effect with Inno Shred.

I was taking it every morning, and I still started feeling hungry at 9 am, which is the same time I get the first signs of hunger every day.

Energy Boosting

So, while Inno Shred is a weight loss and not a pre-workout supplement, we have found that other products from this category release a lot of energy in the process of burning fat. And in our experience, that can then boost overall physical and mental energy levels.

Because we found that Inno Shred seems to burn fat in a limited amount for weight loss, it would explain why we didn’t feel any significant physical energy boost.

However, with the good dose of caffeine, we did notice better focus during the hours after taking Inno Shred for weight loss.

Inno Shred Dosage

Like many other weight loss supplements, Inno Supps has chosen to supply this product in capsules.

The standard dose is two capsules per day to help burn fat, and you should take those in the morning. However, the company does say that for the best weight loss results, you’ll need to increase to four capsules a day gradually.

That’s a lot of capsules to swallow, and some people prefer having a powder that they can mix into their morning breakfast smoothie for weight loss.

Science-Backed Ingredients

Supplemental Facts of Inno Shred

Next, we had our dietitian investigate the natural ingredients that Inno Supps has chosen for the weight loss formula.

1. Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract has been linked to improved metabolic rates and how the body processes and stores fat [4].

However, most studies that we found used significantly higher doses than the 300 mg that Inno Supps has chosen for weight loss.

That might also explain the limited fat burning and lower impact on hunger cravings.

2. Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Studies on conjugated linoleic acid are mixed, but we have seen good results with some other fat burners that contain this ingredient [5]. It’s a fatty acid, and most other products provide quite a lot more of it than 300 mg.

“CLA are fatty acids that act on a system known as PPAR to induce fat loss. At least, that is what the theory says. CLA too weakly affects PPAR receptors to really induce fat loss in an appreciable amount.”

- Kamal Patel, Editor & Cofounder at

3. Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean spilled from sack

There is good evidence for using green coffee beans in fat burners, as scientists have linked it to improved weight loss when taken consistently [6].

And in this case, it looks like Inno Shred contains a dose of 300 mg that is higher than what most studies have used during trials.

4. Organic Caffeine

Caffeine is possibly one of the most common ingredients in weight loss supplements. Countless studies have shown that it can help with achieving and maintaining a healthy BMI [7].

A dose of 200 mg is about the same as two cups of coffee, which isn't too much. But if you're sensitive to stimulants, then there is an Inno Night Shred alternative.

5. Capsicum Fruit Extract

This extract from peppers has been scientifically linked to maintaining a healthy metabolism [8].

I would like to see the dosage increase a bit from 100 mg as other products we’ve tested tend to provide around 150 mg.

6. Citrus Aurantium

Citrus Aurantium

This is another ingredient that has some scientific backing for its impact on metabolic rates [9].

The dosage also looks like it’s in line with clinical trials, and my dietitian mentioned that this is becoming a more commonly recommended ingredient.

7. Grains Of Paradise

Grains of paradise has some conflicting studies about its use as a weight-loss supplement. Some more official resources say that grains of paradise has no reliable scientific proof, so we couldn’t confirm if this was having much of a benefit [10]. Regardless, having grains of paradise is a nice thing to have in Inno Shred.

8. Rauwolscine

Also known as Yohimbine, this ingredient has shown some early positive results in scientific studies [11]. However, the ingredient doses in those studies were up to 15 times higher than the 1 mg contained in Inno Shred.

  • Easy to swallow capsules that you can bring with you for taking later in the day
  • Little to no recorded side effects from the ingredients
  • Inno Supps doesn’t hide behind proprietary blends to make stacking easier
  • Some of the ingredient doses are a bit low to achieve the desired effect

Suited for Men & Women

Inno Shred supplement product

Inno Shred

Overall Score 4.1

Does It Have Downsides?

capsules a day to get the best possible results is a bit much. It also makes this product very expensive as there are only 30 servings per bottle when you take two capsules.

The bigger issue is the fact that while there are quite a few ingredients that have reliable scientific backing as a weight loss promoter, they are mostly included in a dosage that is too low.

That would explain why we reported some, but limited, impact on fat metabolism.


How Does It Compare To Other Products?

PhenQ and Inno Shred

Because we tested so many different diet pills and fat-burning supplements over the years, we have a lot of testing data to go back over to see how products like Inno Shred compare.

We tested PhenQ and we found it to be much more effective for both fat reduction and hunger cravings.

We recorded significantly faster improvements in BMI within a few weeks.

And the added chromium ingredient has a good impact on your appetite, making you feel full for longer [12].

Then there’s LeanBean, a weight loss supplement for women, which is a stimulant-free fat burning supplement that also reduces stored fat a lot faster than Inno Shred. And my female clients who do intermittent fasting have said that they love the impact on hunger cravings snacking thanks to the choline [13].

And finally, there’s the Instant Knockout supplement that a lot of my bodybuilder clients choose as their primary cutting supplement. Instant Knockout might sound hyped up, but it’s one of those supplements that you try and always go back to for cutting.

I like the combination of caffeine and L-theanine, which scientists have proven to be a good recipe for mental and physical performance [14].

Who Should Take Inno Shred?

Anyone that doesn’t require maximum fat burning effect could take Inno Shred and be pretty happy with the results.

It works OK for weight loss and will trigger thermogenesis. But a lot of users and our testing group commented that it’s fairly slow progress.

We also found that it might be OK to get through a weight loss plateau, but again, there are better products to help with that as well.

Who Shouldn't Take Inno Shred?

Athlete with a heart condition

Anyone who suffers from high blood pressure, heart conditions, or other significant underlying health issues shouldn’t take Inno Shred or any other fat-burning supplements.

Stimulants like caffeine are known to impact heart rate and blood pressure, so consult your doctor first [15].

I would also not recommend this for anyone who needs to lose a lot of weight or really needs to speed up a cutting phase.

The results from our testing just show that Inno Shred is a bit too slow-working for great results.

Where Can You Buy It?

You can buy Inno Shred at Amazon, but you need to be careful with some of the resellers.

There have been reports of counterfeit dietary supplements being sold online, and I would always check if it’s supplied by an official supplement company or Amazon.

If it’s a reseller, especially with a very low price, then I wouldn’t take the chance.

Suited for Men & Women

Inno Shred supplement product

Inno Shred

Overall Score 4.1

Other User Reviews

Lifting dumbbell while using laptop

We also had a look for some Inno Shred review comments on the official Inno Supps website. Here are some interesting ones we found.

“So far haven’t seen major results but will continue product as it does seem to give me a little more energy and I have not had any side effects thus far!”

- Landry B.

“I've been taking this fat burner for about a week now- along with diet and exercise. I haven't seen a significant amount of faster weight loss. I will get on after I finish the bottle and update this. We will see if it works over time.”

- Victoria S.

“After taking it for about two weeks, it started to give me awful nausea. Like needing to lay down for two hours or I thought I would puke everywhere.”

- Kear


Can You Take Inno Shred Every Day?

Yes, you can take Inno Shred every day. The ingredients are safe for taking on a regular basis, and the company recommends sticking with it for a month to get the full benefits.

Does Inno Shred Contain Stimulants?

Yes, Inno Shred contains stimulants. There’s a reasonable amount of caffeine that shouldn’t be too strong to make you jittery.

But avoid coffee immediately before and don’t take it too late in the day.

Should You Invest In Inno Shred?

No, we are not advising our clients and readers to take this weight loss product. The Inno Shred's ingredients are not bad, but just not strong enough to make a considerable enough difference.

The product we’ve had the best results so far for losing weight and cutting phases is PhenQ. It has a better formula of science-backed ingredients in the right dosage amount to help burn off fat and also suppress appetite.

Order your first supply today and find out how much more effective your cutting phases can be.

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