Is David Laid Natural or on Steroids (Revealed)

Benedict Ang, CPT, PN1-NC
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Last updated: March 22, 2024
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David Laid, a well-known fitness influencer and model, has consistently asserted that his impressive physique is the result of natural methods.

Speculation surrounds the young bodybuilder's history, and the use of steroids is a debated topic among fitness enthusiasts and trainers such as myself.

What secrets might his physique reveal, and how can we come closer to understanding them?

Find out the shocking truth behind David Laid's journey to physical excellence, and uncover the story that lies beneath his impressive physique.

Is David Laid Natural?

Is David Laid on Steroids

David Laid may not be all-natural because, despite starting his fitness journey as a teenager with a seemingly natural physique, certain indicators point to the possibility of steroid use.

Some photos reveal David Laid's remarkable muscle gain and unusually pumped muscles, a common sign of steroid-associated water retention [1].

When David chose to wear a "Half Natty" hoodie at an Arnold Expo, it hinted, as an experienced trainer, at an openness to potential enhancements rather than taking a definitive stance.


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Signs That David Laid Uses Steroids

Close up image of David Laid and holding dumb bells

Despite his natural-looking physique and explicit denial, David Laid exhibits signs that may suggest steroid use.

Here is some evidence suggesting the possibility that he may have used steroids.

1. Steroid Symptoms

David Laid's physique doesn't exhibit typical signs of steroid use, such as a protruding midsection, breast enlargement, or bloating.

Despite this, declaring him entirely natural based solely on these observations is premature, considering my experience analyzing bodybuilders who initially appeared natural but later confirmed steroid use.

As a trainer, I've noted that increased muscle fullness, as seen in certain photos of David, can be indicative of a potential steroid cycle and the common symptom of fluid retention.

2. Timeline of Progress

Examining David Laid's gains timeline reveals a significant muscle gain of approximately 70 lbs from age 14 to his current physique.

In my extensive experience in the fitness industry, such rapid and substantial muscle growth, even with early training, is unparalleled.

This suggests a possibility that steroids may have played a role in David's significant transformation.

3. Half Natty Shirt

David Laid, despite denying steroid use, was spotted wearing a "Half Natty" hoodie at the Arnold Classic expo, indicating a potential history of steroid use.

The term "half natty" suggests a transition from steroid use to natural methods or ongoing low-dose use.

In my experience as a trainer, such attire can create ambiguity about an individual's past steroid use, making it challenging to ascertain their natural status.

David Laid Stats and Body Transformation

An Athlete flexing his muscles

David Laid, initially a 90-pound teen with scoliosis, gained popularity when his 2015 natural transformation video went viral, accumulating over 43 million views. The footage illustrates his journey from a scrawny 14-year-old to a muscular 17-year-old.

His impressive physique cultivated a fanbase of over a million on Instagram and YouTube, establishing him among top bodybuilders. This success led to a Gymshark sponsorship, and he offers the "DUP Program," a 9-week workout plan, for purchase on his website.

Now, let's delve into David Laid's stats:

Age: 25
Height: 6 feet, 2 inches (188 cm)
Weight: 185 to 195 lbs (84 to 89 kg)

Can David Laid’s Physique Be Achieved Naturally?

Taking a mirror selfie and moving the other arm up

David Laid's appearance may suggest substantial size due to his shredded physique, creating the illusion of significant muscle mass.

In reality, he isn't exceptionally massive, indicating that individuals with decent genetics can naturally achieve a similar look.

I've personally observed that consistent efforts, along with appropriate workout, dietary, and supplement strategies, can lead to significant improvements in physique, even for those with average genetics.

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Is David Laid Vegan

Other Indicators That David May Be Natural

Is David Laid Natural or on Steroids

David Laid reinforced his being natty as he critiques individuals falsely claiming natural status or participating in drug-tested events, showcasing his stance against steroid use.

Also, his vehement denial of steroid usage and defense of those who choose them further contribute to the perception of a natural approach.

In my experience, genuine dedication and consistency are key indicators supporting the possibility of David Laid being natural.

David Laid’s Potential Steroid Stack

Considering David Laid’s notable muscle gain, he might have used Dianabol which is widely known for its muscle-building effects [2].

Moreover, the potential use of Deca Durabolin is suggested, as it enhances lean body mass, contributing to David's substantial appearance in various photos [3].

Consistent training coupled with the use of legal and natural steroid supplements for men can contribute to achieving a bulked-up physique akin to David Laid's.


What Body Fat Is David Laid?

David Laid's exact body fat percentage is not publicly disclosed. However, his shredded physique suggests a low body fat percentage, likely in the athletic range, showcasing his dedication to a lean and muscular physique in line with fitness modeling and bodybuilding standards.

How Did David Laid Achieve Muscle Growth?

David Laid achieved muscle growth by overcoming a plateau in the gym. He delved into macronutrients, adopting an IIFYM diet to track macros. This approach enabled him to break through limitations, facilitating swift weight gain through higher-calorie meals.


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