Is Jinder Mahal on Steroids or Natty? (Obvious Signs)

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Last updated: May 10, 2024
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Jinder Mahal stunned the world by defeating Randy Orton to become a WWE superstar, prompting many to speculate that it was because of steroids.

As a fitness professional, I know that wrestlers like Jinder Mahal spend their careers trying to grow and build muscle.

The growing criticism of Jinder Mahal's physique prompted me to investigate his training regimen.

This article will look into Jinder Mahal's physical transformation and the truth behind his claim that the unexpected change in his body results from a total revamp of his lifestyle, diet, and exercise.

Quick Summary

  • Jinder Mahal is most likely not on steroids, but instead, his muscular body is attributed to a comprehensive workout regime and a healthy diet.
  • Jinder credits his marvelous body to eating at least seven healthy meals per day.
  • According to Medical News Today, hormonally induced gynecomastia (a symptom of steroid use) can be caused by chronic stress, poor nutrition, and exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
  • I find the strength and stamina that Jinder displays in a wrestling arena are evidence that he's committed to routine strength training.

Was Jinder Mahal Tested for Steroid Use?

Yes, Jinder Mahal was tested for steroids based on what he's shared publicly. According to one of his interviews that I watched, Jinder Mahal stated that he had been tested multiple times for steroid use.

Since his return, he has never failed drug tests or wellness policy issues for more than six years [1].

Jinder Mahal doubled down on his steroid denial, asserting he is aware of what people are saying about him regarding the use of steroids and wellness policy comments.

In a recent Instagram post, Jinder Mahal revealed the following:

"TBT to a few weeks ago, no idea exactly when or where... Anyone else on the roster have veins in their abs ??... And of course I'll get a hundred "steroid" or "wellness" comments .... I've been tested multiple times since coming back, and have never once in over 6 years with WWE had any issues. Follow my IG stories or my Snapchat and you can see that no one is out-training me, and no one is out-dieting me."

Mahal went on to say that no one saw his dramatic improvement in musculature and self-esteem as a result of a comprehensive healthy eating and exercise regimen.

Jinder Mahal Stats

Yuvraj Singh Dhesi, also known as Jinder Mahal, is the first person of Indian descent to overcome adversity to achieve fame by becoming the 50th WWE Champion.

He debuted for WWE in 2010, then left after a comedic stint with the Three Man Band (3MB), only to return two years later with a noticeably different frame and a more confident demeanor, winning a few titles along the way.

In April 2017, he deposed Randy Orton as WWE defender and went on to win the WWE US Championship in 2018 and the 24/7 Championship twice in 2019 [2].

Here are Jinder Mahal's current stats:

  • Date of birth: July 19, 1986
  • Weight: 238 lbs (108 kg)
  • Height: 6'4" (1.96 m)

Jinder Mahal's Physical Transformation

Jinder Mahal's arm and back muscles

Jinder Mahal's alleged steroid use sparked public concern following a video by bodybuilder Nick Miller. He believes Jinder Mahal was using steroids based on several physical signs.

According to Miller, here are some of the physical signs that Jinder Mahal is on steroid use:

1. Extreme Vascularity

Jinder Mahal has protruding veins, indicating a low body fat percentage and a high muscle mass related to steroid use.

However, research suggests that hypertension, aging, and stress can all make your veins more visible and prominent [3].

2. Sudden Muscle Gains and Unmatched Fighting Confidence

Most people believe Jinder Mahal's rapid muscle gains cannot be achieved naturally in two years of absence from the wrestling arena.

Furthermore, his current strength and stamina are in sharp contrast to what he displayed during his previous fights, suggesting he has been taking anabolic steroids.

3. Gynecomastia

Jinder Mahal's breast tissue growth is indicative of a testosterone and estrogen imbalance, which may have resulted from an anabolic steroid cycle.

"The development of extra breast tissue occurs when you have relatively lower testosterone levels or relatively higher estrogen levels."

- Bradley Anawalt, M.D., Endocrinologist, University of Washington Medical Center

However, according to Medical News Today, hormonally induced gynecomastia can be caused by chronic stress, poor nutrition, and exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals [4].

Jinder Mahal Diet and Workout

Protein foods and a strong muscular person holding dumb bells

Jinder Mahal's dedication and discipline in diet, workout, and lifestyle have resulted in significant changes in his physique, putting him in the best competitive shape to win fights and rebuild his reputation.

During his two-year WWE hiatus, he started focusing on his health by avoiding junk food and alcohol.

Jinder Mahal also began working out consistently at the gym, and he balanced his diet by hiring a meal prep company to provide him with a healthy, balanced diet.

He also consumes legal supplements, drinks plenty of water, and indulges in healthy treats.

Diet Principles

WWE Star Jinder Mahal believes that proper nutrition knowledge is critical because a balanced diet can significantly impact your shape — a key principle I stress to all my clients.

Jinder Mahal discovered that eating the same 350–400-calorie meal with 30 grams of carbs and 40 grams of protein every two hours can help accelerate metabolism. He credits his leaner muscles to eating seven to eight meals daily [5].

Also, Jinder Mahal has a cheat meal or two now and then, but they are still nutritious. He can satisfy his taste buds with healthy pizza and cookie treats from a meal prep company.

Diet And Workout Routine

Jinder Mahal works out six days a week and consumes many carbohydrates and protein every two hours.

He never skips an early morning fat-burning workout and a consistent one-and-a-half-hour high-intensity strength and core training.

To get the most out of his high-protein shake, he drinks it within 30 minutes of finishing his workout. He also ensures that muscles recover properly.

A meal prep company provides his regular meals to ensure that he gets various macronutrient-balanced meals each day.

Furthermore, he showed his dedication to a healthy diet by sticking to it even after winning the WWE Championship, opting for brown rice and seared Ahi tuna as a celebratory meal.


Jinder Mahal claims he does not use anabolic steroids and instead uses creatine-based pre-workout supplements, switching to a different legal supplement brand once a bottle is finished.

He also takes a packet of multivitamins containing magnesium and drinks it with water containing branched-chain amino acids to avoid muscle cramps.

Jinder Mahal believes that drinking two gallons of BCAA-rich water per day will aid in muscle recovery and transformation. He drinks a gallon of water before working out and another gallon throughout the day.

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Psychological Aspects of Steroid Accusation

Accusations of steroid abuse against Jinder underscore the intense scrutiny professional athletes face and the psychological resilience required to navigate the turbulent waters of fame, reputation, and personal health in the high-octane world of professional wrestling.

Exploring the psychological aspect of steroid accusations in professional wrestling, particularly in the case of Jinder Mahal, reveals a complex interplay of public perception, personal identity, and the high-stakes environment of WWE.

Accusations like these extend beyond physical health, seeping into an athlete's mental well-being and public image.

When allegations of steroid use arise, it challenges their integrity, dedication, and the authenticity of their hard work.

Mahal's adamant denial and open discussion about his strict diet and rigorous training regimen reflect not just a defense of his physical transformation but also a fight to maintain the respect and admiration he has earned.


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