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Is Stefi Cohen Natural or on Steroids? (Revealed)

Christiana Mikesch
Published by Christiana Mikesch | Senior Coach
Last updated: August 4, 2023

I've followed Stefi Cohen's career for quite a few years now as I first got interested in her transformation from lean soccer player to ripped powerlifter.

As a personal trainer, these are some of the most interesting transformations, and in the case of Stefi Cohen, it certainly involved a complete mind shift and approach to training.

When you look at the body of the incredibly ripped woman, you can see how she might put a lot of men to shame, but does that really mean she took performance enhancers?

We did some research.

Quick Summary

  • Stefi Cohen isn't on steroids, but has achieved her body through regular workouts, and embarking on a healthy diet.
  • The exercise routines Stefi strictly follows can give anyone a bulked body within months if you are consistent.
  • Taking meals with high proteins and low carbs has helped Stefi attain a buffed body.

Does Stefi Cohen Take Steroids?

Based on all of my research and having looked at photos of Stefi's transformation from a soccer player to a powerlifter, my conclusion is that she could have achieved her physique as a natty.

While it is more difficult for women to become ripped enough to look bigger than the average man, there are ways to achieve that through diet and training.


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I've worked with plenty of female athletes who have bulked up like this.

The other thing I would say is that she's different from most other female bodybuilders.

She hasn't just experienced how workouts affect her body but has also studied and earned a Doctor in physical and sports therapy degree.

At the same time, there are a few reasons that I can understand why people have been suspicious.

Here's what I mean.

Why Do People Believe Stefi Was On Steroids?

Syringes and Stefi's abs

So, I trawled through many forums and Facebook groups to see what people were saying about Stefi and her bodybuilding achievements. Some said they had insider knowledge and others just said that it was totally obvious that she isn't natty.

But there were a few comments that I looked into a bit more. And I'll leave you to make up your mind if they are evidence of steroid use.

"Suspicious" Social Media Behavior

Stefi has a successful YouTube channel where she regularly posts videos of workout exercises, weight training routines, and, of course, powerlifting techniques. She also regularly posts on other social media channels about her food intake and how she's approaching a competition.

Apparently, some people regularly post questions and accusations of steroid use in the comments, which end up being deleted.

Is it evidence? Not really.

Would she be better off addressing those comments than deleting them? Probably, but how often should she be distracted with the same accusations?

Fast And Extreme Weight And Muscle Gains

Some people believe that she bulked up from the moment she started lifting weights and that she set her first weight-lifting world record way too soon [1].

In reality, you have to account for the fact that she was no stranger to strict workout routines, and she started from a very high level of fitness.

Switching to lifting heavy weights with low reps is then quite easy, and with a change in diet, her body would have responded very quickly.

So, for you guys that think a woman can't bulk up like this, you might want to meet a few more natural female bodybuilders.

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Is It Possible That Stefi Gained Those Muscles Without Steroid Use?

Woman punching and taking a selfie in a mirror

Yes, it's absolutely possible to gain that much muscle through hard work, and looking at the training plans she's published seems to show that's exactly what happened. And while it may take females longer, that can simply become a challenge for certain sports stars.

And when these women aim to compete at the highest levels, they will make enormous sacrifices to get there and prove their worthiness of a world record.

"I've heard it all. I can't say it doesn't hurt when what you do has nothing to do with your looks, yet as women, we're constantly subjected to comments about our appearance. I'm not a runway model, I'm an athlete."

- Stefi Cohen

Now, for the average woman, it all depends on your starting point. If you already have the strength and endurance of an athlete, then switching to bulking will be a lot easier. Add to that a high-carb and protein diet, and muscle mass will develop [2].


Was Stefi Cohen Banned for Taking Steroids?

No, Stefi Cohen has never been banned from any sport for steroid use. She has actively competed in powerlifting events and has never been caught with a positive drug test.

Does Stefi Cohen Have Health Problems Due to Steroids?

No, Stefi Cohen doesn't have health problems due to steroid use. Looking at pictures of her today shows nothing but an extremely ripped and fit woman, and she hasn't reported any health issues on social media.

What's Your Opinion On Stefi's?

Personally, I have a lot of respect for Stefi Cohen, and I believe she hasn't relied on banned drugs.

I've seen many female clients do the same thing with a highly focused macro approach to meal plans combined with workouts that can feel like hell, and supported by legal steroid supplements for women.

But if you take a dedicated approach and are fully committed to your goals, then it's not beyond your imagination. I'd suggest becoming one of her followers to get some regular tips.

See if you can start noticing some changes in muscle mass by taking the same approach.


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