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NooCube Review (2023) Is It a Legit Brain Booster?

Connor Sellers
Published by Connor Sellers
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Last updated: April 27, 2023
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As a fitness trainer, I prioritize making sure that my client's mental health and fitness are at their best, and NooCube is a supplement that has been recommended to me for this purpose.

After hundreds of hours of research and consultation with my dietitian on NooCube ingredients and benefits, we decided to put it into our routine test and find out if it really works.

In this NooCube review, I will give you a detailed report of what's in it, the science behind its ingredients, and whether you should try it out.

Keep on reading.

What Is NooCube?

Close up image of NooCube product

Noocube is a nutritional supplement containing chemical substances that improve memory and learning and may aid in managing natural or caused cognitive deficiencies.

It is a well-known, and well-tested nootropic made entirely of natural ingredients.

NooCube may improve cognitive performance, decrease neurodegenerative diseases, and treat Alzheimer’s disease.

It stands out from other nootropics on the market because it does not focus on boosting brain activity.

Rather, this supplement addresses the underlying source of brain illnesses. As a result, it is notably beneficial in preventing neurological disorders.

Suited for Men & Women

CTA of NooCube


Overall Score 4.7

Benefits of NooCube

A woman thinking while holding book

NooCube offers a variety of cognitive advantages:

  • It is a brain booster that has been shown to improve speed and recall, making learning easier.
  • The NooCube formula enhances the effectiveness of cellular energy generation and optimizes blood flow.
  • NooCube's blend has vitamin B1 as well as L-theanine, which may help with relaxation.
  • NooCube offers increased focus without disruptions.
  • Many of the components in NooCube are particularly designed to combat stress.

After testing this product, I noticed an improved memory recall and intellectual processing speed. The effects took 30 minutes to set in and lasted for 8–10 hours.

  • Non-GMO and caffeine-free
  • Ingredients are 100% natural and scientifically tested
  • Contains substances like L-tyrosine and bacopa that improve concentration and memory
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • It is costlier than most similar products
  • Only accessible via the company's website

NooCube Ingredients

Supplement Facts of NooCube

The NooCube formula contains 13 all-natural ingredients that have been shown to enhance brain function.

  • Vitamin B12: It may help with attention, memory, stamina, vision, attitude, pain endurance, and sleep quality. NooCube has cyanocobalamin, a vitamin B12 that may promote brain health [2].
  • Cat's claw: It can potentially enhance memory performance, concentration, and cognitive functions and lessen brain plaques. Cat's claw can protect the brain from swelling and free radical harm and offer natural treatment for Alzheimer's disease [3].
  • Alpha GPC: It improves learning and memory while also increasing athletic efficiency. Alpha-GPC might help older people with mild to severe dementia and cognitive decline, including memory and focus problems [4].
  • Vitamin B1: It might help you cope with stress and minimize depressive symptoms [5].
  • Bacopa monnieri: This product may be used to treat anxiousness and memory issues, as well as to improve cognitive function [6].
  • Vitamin B7: It is essential for brain health because it regulates gene expression and promotes new brain cell formation [7].
  • Oat straw extract: It enhances blood circulation and cognitive ability in the elderly. The extract may lessen mood disorders by decreasing phosphodiesterase type 4 (PDE4). Restricting this enzyme may also improve general mental performance by lowering depression, stress, and anxiety [8].
  • Huperzine-A: It contains antioxidant characteristics and may help protect the brain cells from glutamate intoxication, which can cause brain damage [9].
  • L-tyrosine: It may improve self-control in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) patients, boost libido, mental energy, cognition, attention, focus, and mood, lessen depression, and improve mental speed [10].
  • Resveratrol: This is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant chemical that has been shown to enhance cognitive function, reduce aging, and prevent memory loss [11].
  • Lutemax: A patented mix of natural carotenoids such as zeaxanthin and lutein that may improve mood, sleep efficiency, visual health, and general cognitive improvement [12].
  • Pterostilbene: It may be beneficial in alleviating the age-related onset of moderate Alzheimer's dementia. It may also boost the brain’s neurotrophic factors, which may aid learning [13].
  • L-theanine: It has sedative properties that may benefit people suffering from mental diseases such as bipolar disorder. L-theanine may also help with focus and concentration [14].

"L-Tyrosine is an essential nutrient employed in the production of noradrenaline and dopamine; it appears to lower stress under acute stresses and may aid in the prevention of stress-induced memory and attention problems."

- Patel Kamal, MD

Does NooCube Have Side Effects?

NooCube contains some herbal extracts and plant-based substances that may induce allergic responses or have minor adverse effects.

  • Cat's claw has high tannin content, which may cause migraines, vomiting, and nausea.
  • Bacopa monnieri has been linked to stomach upset, sore throat, and fatigue.
  • Huperzine A may produce agitation, sweating, lack of appetite, and discomfort.

Even though the supplement gave me that clarity of mind, I always feel fatigued and have stomach cramps that sometimes hinder my daily activities and workout.

"NooCube is a completely safe product that poses no harm to your well-being. If you are still unsure about using this product for whatever reason, you should contact your physician before using it. They can inform you if the components conflict with your body's mechanism, and can prescribe an alternative and complementary medicine, or if you should avoid NooCube."

– Jason Vredenburg, RD

How To Use NooCube

Close up image of brown pills

The company suggests taking two NooCube capsules with breakfast each day. Try four if two pills per day aren't producing the desired results.

I usually have two during breakfast and two at lunchtime. However, you are not advised to consume more than four pills daily.

Who Should Take NooCube?

NooCube brain pill should be used by individuals who struggle with multitasking, forgetfulness, or a lack of focus.

NooCube is designed for everyone who wishes to boost their brain power and performance.

That said, it may provide significant benefits for the elderly who are experiencing memory lapses, brain fog, and trouble with attentiveness.

Where to Buy and Price

Holding a credit card and phone to buy online

NooCube may be purchased via their official website, which provides a number of purchasing options.

One bottle costs between $55 and $60; you can get two of them for between $116 and $120, while three bottles cost between $160 and $180.

They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The product is also available on other sites like Amazon and eBay, but I didn’t have a great experience with those sources.

Yes, it is cheaper but not the same thing as the one from the official website. They also don't provide the same effects as the original supplement. I feel like I'm lucky this was the only experience I had since some people report getting fake products or not getting anything at all.

Suited for Men & Women

CTA of NooCube


Overall Score 4.7

Shipping and Delivery

According to their official website, every order includes free delivery and takes roughly 15 days to arrive.

In my experience, I received my products 12 days after making my purchase.

Other Users’ Testimonials

Woman giving thumbs up from a supplement product

"I bought these for my ADDso I can focus at work, but they only make me slower, and at night I felt very dizzy, so I'm not gonna use them anymore, but they're good if you have anxiety cause they calm you down, I just can't calm down at work"

– Ana, United States

"I only felt like it was working when I took double the dose, even then it didn’t work for more than 30 minutes."

– Maddy, United States

"Helped me focus all day at work. Made my work feel easier. I take it with my coffee, and holy smokes, I feel like I'm dialed in! It has helped me focus all day at work. Made my work feel easier. Highly recommended."

– Jeffrey, Phoenix

Nootropic Alternatives

It's tough to wade through all the supplements promising to boost cognition. We put NooCube to the test against three popular alternatives.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is the world's only universal nootropic, intending to enhance all aspects of cognition.

This dietary supplement boosts cognition, productivity, intellect, and fitness level.

Noocube has 13 compounds, whereas Mind Lab Pro has 11 highly potent ingredients in clinically significant quantities.

Users in our test group said they were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the effects of Mind Lab Pro kicked in. They reported feeling significant increases in energy levels and clarity within an hour. Only a couple of users experienced mild headaches during use.

The dosing for Mind Lab Pro and NooCube are the same, with each manufacturer recommending 2-4 capsules daily. A good practice is to start with the lower dose to test its efficacy and your tolerance and increase it if necessary.

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain product

Alpha Brain, like NooCube, is a caffeine-free nootropic with ingredients that may help increase cognitive performance and mental energy.

This can further help you to focus on activities more effectively and enhance your problem-solving abilities. A few users in our test group with food allergies or sensitivities liked that Alpha Brain is gluten, soy, dairy, and caffeine-free.

Like NooCube, Alpha Brain lacks a transparent label with ingredient amounts hidden behind proprietary blends.

The dosing for Alpha Brain is two capsules with a light meal. Our test group consistently took it first thing in the morning to kickstart their day.

Gorilla Mind Smooth

The Gorilla Mind Smooth formulation boosts attention and concentration while alleviating anxiety without producing jitters.

Like NooCube products, Gorilla Mind Smooth is a stimulant-free supplement that gives a softer, less intense energy boost while maintaining sharp focus and mental clarity.

The Gorilla Mind Smooth formulation can boost attention and concentration with lion’s mane mushroom and L-theanine while alleviating anxiety with Kanna. No caffeine means it can increase cognitive function without producing jitters.

Gorilla Mind Smooth has a transparent ingredient label that clearly shows the amounts for each ingredient, which is not true with NooCube.

This nootropic is not vegan-friendly like NooCube because a gelatin capsule encases the Gorilla Mind’s ingredients.

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How Long Does It Take NooCube to Work?

It takes NooCube approximately 30–45 minutes to start working.

How Good Is NooCube?

NooCube is an all-natural product that contains ingredients such as bacopa and Alpha GPC, which may help improve focus by promoting a longer period of concentration.

Is NooCube a Nootropic?

Yes, NooCube is a nootropic supplement with all-natural ingredients that improve memory and cognitive function.

Can You Buy Nootropics?

Yes, you can buy nootropics over the counter or choose between brands available online.

Should You Buy NooCube?

NooCube is an all-natural supplement that may boost brain function, cognition, mental clarity, and focus.

It is a safe option to consider, but if you want to improve your concentration and focus without experiencing stomach pains, fatigue, or nausea, Mind Lab Pro is a good product to try.

I've been using this product for almost two weeks, and I immediately felt an increase in my energy and alertness.

I'm much more confident and less anxious at work after using Mind Lab Pro.

We Recommend This Instead

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro supplement product
Overall Score 4.9
  • Great combination of herbs and amino acids that work as a cognitive enhancer
  • Added B vitamins to support red blood cell production and boosted energy levels
  • Great feedback from users that it can help with relieving anxiety
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
  • The capsules are not the smallest ones to swallow
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