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Jason Statham Workout and Diet: The Complete 7-Day Routine

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers | Senior Coach
Last updated: June 16, 2023

Jason Statham toned muscles and fitness level impresses most people. This is why he is among the most followed and admired actors in Hollywood. People are always anxious about his workout routines and diets as they play a crucial role in how your body looks.

Luckily, Jason Statham doesn't hide his routine from his fans. After intense research, I have come up with a detailed list of how his diet and exercise routines.

Also, Statham doesn't hide the fact that he uses some supplements which give him a toned look. We will also look at these supplements as they are readily available in stores and online.

Quick Summary

  • Jason Statham's diet comprises low-carb intake and high fat, which he substitutes with his protein intake.
  • Statham does HIIT training at least once a week, which he substitutes with other workout routines like squats, deadlifts, and weight lifting.
  • Jason boosts his nutrient intake with supplements like protein powder, testosterone boosters, and creatine boosters.
  • Statham limits his calorie intake per week to 2,000 calories, which is lower than what he burns when working out.
  • Jason gets at least 7 hours of sleep so that his body recovers while generating more muscle mass.

How Do You Get A Body Like Jason Statham?

Before I dive into the actual exercises that Jason Statham goes through in his workout to get his body in shape, I want to list out some very interesting things I’ve picked up during my research and from listening to interviews.

1. Always Have A Workout Goal

Man working out

A lot of people try to copy a celebrity workout plan or have one created by a personal trainer and then think their goal is to stick to the plan.

That’s a very poor goal to have for your workout and one that Jason Statham would likely kick your butt for. He said in quite a few interviews that he likes working to clear short-term goals, rather than vague long-term ones, when it comes to his workout.

Aim for “lose 5 lbs in one week” or “shoulder press 10 lbs more by Friday.”

2. Never Repeat A Workout

Never-Repeat-A-Workout image

Jason Statham has gone on record, saying that he has never done the same routine more than once in his workout.

Like most people, he gets bored very easily, and that is one of the biggest motivation killers in a workout routine.

Rather than have set days where you do the exact same body workout, you should be aiming to mix things up.

Create a long list of different exercises and then mix them up on a daily basis in your workout.

3. Do Shorter But More Intense Workouts

Man working out

This is something Jason Statham is very passionate about when it comes to his workout routine. Rather than spend 90 minutes at the gym with long breaks and medium weights, you should focus on 30 to 40 minutes of movements and extremely hard work.

An intense circuit training with one set of 50 reps of jump ropes, followed by a 10-second interval, then one set of triceps dips.

Finish the set with some squats for lower extremity strengthening.

Imagine 20 pull-ups, followed by 20 seconds of rest and followed by 7 barbell dead-lifts with maximum weight.

Utter exhaustion after 40 minutes of your workout is better than after 90.

Check out our full Kinobody program review.

4. Keep Mobility In Mind

Man working out

Getting in shape is not just about lifting maximum weights on a daily basis during your workout.

Not understanding how his physique works resulted in Jason Statham having quite a bad injury.

Since then he has focused a lot on mobility and stretching to increase his range of motion, rather than sets of lifting maximum weights, during his workout sessions.

Stretching is important for exercise days and is ideal to implement on rest days as well.

Another celebrity that emphasized the importance of mobility and stretching is Conor Mcgregor

5. Train Smart And Eat Smarter

Protein and salad in bowls

Too many people think that they can make up for a bad diet with a harder workout at the gym.

It’s simply not going to work, as nutrition and fitness go hand in hand.

Jason Statham fully understands this and has spoken a lot about creating the right balance of food with his workout. This involves eating the right things and supplementing in a way that maximizes results.

Now, let’s take a look at his training regimen.

Jason Statham’s Sample Weekly Workout Routine

Man working out

When it comes to training at home and at the gym, Jason Statham has one very important rule and philosophy -- and that is never to repeat the same routine again in your workout.

The reason for this is twofold.

First of all, it helps to make sure that you don’t get bored during your workout.

If you set up an exercise and workout routine that does the exact same thing on the same day of every week, then you will get bored.


Pyramid Circuit Training:
Pyramid circuits are a simple concept. Basically, you gradually increase the amount of intensity by doing additional reps.This is how it would work.You do one of each exercise below in quick succession. Then you repeat them by doing two reps of each, then 3 reps, and so on.
Each set introduces more reps, and you will quickly feel the burn.

  • Warm Up: 10 minutes on the rowing machine
  • Push-Ups
  • PullUps
  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Stiff-legged Deadlifts
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Cool Down: 10 minutes on the rowing machine


Static Hold Circuit and Big Five 55 Training:

This is training for maximum strength gain. There are two very different sets of exercises that will probably have you crying for help.

Static Hold Circuit:

You will be doing 4 sets of each, and it’s important to understand that there will be very little movement.Essentially, you just hold the weight in place to put strain on a group of muscles.

You will hold the weight for 30 seconds before moving onto the next one to do the same. Only take a 10-second rest at the end of a full circuit.

  • Warm Up: 10 minutes on the rowing machine
  • Flat Bench Press
  • Shoulder Military Press
  • Dumbbell Chest Flys
  • Dumbbell Tricep Pressdowns
  • Bar Dips
  • Kettlebell Farmer Hold
  • Bodyweight Squat and Hold
  • Cool Down: 10 minutes on the rowing machine

Big Five 55

If you thought the static hold was tough, then wait for this. Here, Jason goes through 5 exercises starting off with 10 reps in each set.

Then he does them all over again, this time with 9 reps. After each circuit, he reduces by 1 rep.

The idea behind the name is that by the end you will have done 55 reps of each exercise.

  • Weighted Front Squat
  • Pull-ups
  • Wide Grip Pushups
  • Power Cleans
  • Knee Raises
  • Finish off with 20 to 30 minutes Treadmill HIIT (alternating 1-minute sprint and 1-minute jog)

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Interval Training with Rowing and Boxing:


  • Warm up with 500m rowing followed by active rest (walk around your gym/home): 4 sets

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  • Shadowboxing Warm Up: 5 minutes
  • Lunges for Legs Warm Up: 5 minutes
  • Punching/kicking vs. Padded Target: 5 times 3 minutes
  • Punching/kicking vs. Heavy Bag: 3 times 2 minutes
  • Punching/kicking vs. Speed Bag: 1 times 3 minutes
  • Kettlebell Farmer Hold: 3 sets of carrying heavy weight for 500 yards


Lower Body and Push-ups:

There are fewer exercises here, but that doesn’t mean they won’t hurt. Pile on the weight for the squats to get the best results.

  • 10 minutes rowing warm-up
  • Bodyweight Squats: 20 reps
  • Weighted Front Squat: 5 sets of 5 reps
  • Stiff-Legged Deadlift: 4 sets of 1 rep at 130%, 140%, 160%, and 180% of your body weight
  • Reverse Crunches: until it really hurts
  • Cooldown: 200 Pushups


Cumulative Routine:

This is a tough day and will target a load of different muscle groups.

The advantage of this is that it boosts testosterone and growth hormone production in a natural way. And that will show in a lot more defined muscle shape.

  • Warm Up: Rope Climbs: 5 reps
  • Warm Up: Bear Crawls: 5 reps of 20 yards
  • Warm Up: Crab Walks: 5 reps of 20 yards
  • Front Squats: 5 reps at 120% body weight
  • Medicine Ball Slams: 5 reps
  • Rope Pulls: 5 reps
  • Flat Bench Press: 10 reps
  • Medicine Ball Slams: 10 reps
  • Pull Ups: 15 reps
  • Medicine Ball Slams: 10 reps
  • Bar Dips: 15 reps
  • Medicine Ball Slams: 15 reps
  • Rope Pulls: 20 reps
  • Medicine Ball Slams: 20 reps


Contextual Workout:

It’s mainly cardio at this stage, and the best way to do this is to get outside and do some trail running for at least 1 hour.


Rest Day:

You will need it, and ideally take advantage of some stretching or yoga.

Your body is like a piece of dynamite. You can tap it with a pencil all day, but you’ll never make it explode. You hit it once with a hammer: Bang! Get serious. Do 40 hard minutes, not an hour and half of nonsense. It’s so much more rewarding.
-Jason Statham, Hollywood Actor

Jason Statham’s Diet


If you look at photos of Jason Statham from different movies, then you’ll notice that his appearance has become a lot more ripped in recent years.

His aim has been to burn fat that might have been lingering, and through a combination of training and diet, he managed to lose 17 pounds in 6 weeks.

He actually regularly jokes about the “lardy person” he sees in old photos of himself. I know, most of us would give up a lot for that definition of “lardy.”

The secret to his success has been a very strict diet. And while it’s not officially a keto-style diet, he does focus on very low-carb and high-fat food.

He also restricted himself to 2000 calories per day, which is very little when you consider the exercise he does.

With the aim of getting all the nutrients he needs from healthy meals, he does rely on quite a few supplements, including protein.

At that level of training, it’s practically impossible to eat enough chicken and beans to take in enough protein.

Here are a few examples he has mentioned in a few interviews:

  1. Breakfast: It’s all about boosting some early energy for the day through fresh fruits including pineapple and berries, as well as oats and porridge.
    Some poached eggs are also a regular early morning snack for the fat boost.
  2. Lunch: Come lunchtime, it's brown rice with steamed veggies provides some substance and carbs.
    While these are higher in carbs, they do provide the necessary energy for all the workouts.
  3. Dinner: Dinner time in the Statham household will sound fun for most non-vegans as it’s all about lean beef, chicken, and fish in quite large quantities. Generally, more meat than veg at this stage of the day to boost healthy fat intake.
  4. Snacks: Mostly it’s about high-fat and amino acid boosters. That means nuts and supplement snack bars that are low in sugar.

It’s not rocket science or a secret sauce, and more about health-conscious planning of all the meals throughout the day.

Most importantly, just like with the exercises, workouts, switch things around, so you don’t get bored.

Here's a bonus video of Jason Statham's body transformation over the years. If he can do it, you can too!


Supplement Stack

Besides his working out and following a strict and healthy meal plan, Jason Statham also adds supplements to his diet to meet his nutritional needs.

We've watched Jason Statham's past interviews and made tons of research to give you a list of his favorite supplement stack.

Let's check it out:

Transparent Labs Whey Protein Powder thumb

1. Protein Powder

Jason Statham consumes 2000 calories a day and consumes most protein during dinner time. For his snacks, he munches on nuts and peanut butter.

He also drinks his favorite protein shake to ensure he's getting the right macros in maintaining his muscle mass.

See our full article on the best whey protein powders.


2. Testosterone Booster

Testosterone increases strength and endurance that's essential in maintaining high-performance level when working out.

A natural T-booster also regulates muscle and bone mass for a better form.

Jason Statham uses Testogen, based on our research, which is also one of our recommended testosterone boosters.


You can also check out other testosterone booster reviews:

transparent lab creatine hmb

3. Creatine

Improve your strength and performance with creatine.

If you wonder where Jason Statham gets the energy he has during his workout or his stunts, it's from his recommended creatine supplement, Transparent Labs, which is also our recommended creatine supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jason Statham's weight?

Jason Statham weighs about 185 lbs, based on the most recent information he has provided. This is after the 17 lbs he recently lost in 6 weeks to prepare for another round of action movies.

Does Jason Statham know martial arts?

Yes, Jason Statham knows martial arts including kickboxing, karate, and Wing Chun. In the majority of his movies, he is involved in extreme fight scenes that he acts himself without the need for a stunt double.

Final Thoughts

Actor posing

The 2 important things to remember about the Jason Statham workout routine listed above is that (a) it’s all about working harder, not longer, and (b) constantly changing things around.

You should only use it as a basis for your own workout plan and regularly mix things around. The more you can shock your frame, the better the results will be.

And always remember, getting into a ripped shape like Jason Statham's is 70% diet and 30% workout.

You simply cannot make up for a crappy diet with more time at the gym.

Let us know how you have adopted these tips into your own training and workout and if the results have been as positive.

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