post Centrapeak Vs Testogen (2024 Review) Which Is Better?

Centrapeak Vs Testogen (2024 Review) Which Is Better?

James Cunningham, BSc, CPT
Published by James Cunningham, BSc, CPT | Staff Writer & Senior Coach
Last updated: January 28, 2024
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Our team of personal fitness coaches recently ended up in a heated debate over two popular testosterone boosters - Centrapeak and Testogen.

And the only way to settle a debate is to put both of them to the test and measure which one works best.

So, we got our nutritionist to carefully review the formula and 12 of our clients to help out with testing the product over a six-week period.

We also took before and after blood testosterone tests to make sure that we had clear evidence and data to work with.

Let’s dive in.

Centrapeak and Testogen Key Differences

Comparison between Centrapeak and Testogen

The main difference between Centrapeak and Testogen is the ingredient formula the two companies have chosen.

Both use natural ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and herbs, but the detailed list of them is different.

More on those shortly.

Our initial research has revealed that Testogen seems to have a slightly shorter ingredient list, and that can often be a positive sign.

See, some companies might include loads of great ingredients, but if they aren’t in a strong enough dose, the sheer number doesn’t mean much.

It all gets a lot more interesting when you start looking at the details.

Our Testing Approach

In our quest to compare Centrapeak and Testogen, we exclusively involved male participants, given the specific target demographic of these testosterone boosters. Our study was designed to be gender-specific to accurately assess the effects of each supplement.

We divided our male volunteers into two groups, with each group assigned to test either Centrapeak or Testogen for a comprehensive eight-week trial. This approach allowed us to gather focused and relevant data on each product's efficacy.

Prior to the experiment, we conducted a thorough evaluation of each participant's dietary patterns, exercise routines, body composition, and baseline testosterone levels to establish a clear starting point.

Throughout the testing period, both groups showed notable improvements in testosterone levels and overall well-being. However, a distinct difference was observed in the performance of one supplement over the other, particularly in terms of efficacy and side effects.

Features Head to Head

We first had our nutritionist compare the two products based on the nutrient label.

And then, we had our testing team get a serum testosterone test done before they started taking a supplement and then again after six weeks.


Supplement Facts of Centrapeak

The first thing our nutritionist pointed out was that the Centrapeak formula was quite long, but there’s evidence to support all of the ingredients.

Ingredient Formula

Vitamin D: A study from Hormone and Metabolic Research showed that total testosterone levels (from 10.7 ± 3.9 nmol/l to 13.4 ± 4.7 nmol/l; p < 0.001), bioactive testosterone (from 5.21 ± 1.87 nmol/l to 6.25 ± 2.01 nmol/l; p = 0.001), and free testosterone levels (from 0.222 ± 0.080 nmol/l to 0.267 ± 0.087 nmol/l; p = 0.001) increased after vitamin D supplementation [1].

Zinc: Low zinc intake has been tied to low testosterone production, making it a key mineral for men [2].

Vitamin B6: Researchers have shown that B6 combined with magnesium and zinc has a direct impact on sex hormone balances and mental and physical health [3].

Boron: This mineral has been shown to influence how much testosterone is transformed into estrogen [4].

Magnesium: Here’s another good mineral for athletes to support muscle function and natural testosterone production [5].

Vitamin K2: This vitamin has been shown to have a positive effect on heart and brain function, but animal research also hints at a possible improvement in testicular function [6].

Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C): Research has shown that I3C can help suppress the processes that transform testosterone into estrogen [7].

Ashwagandha: This herbal extract has been shown to trigger significant improvements in sex drive and serum testosterone [8].

Mucuna Pruriens: This is another herb that is common in traditional medicine, and studies have shown that it can improve libido and T-levels [9].

Suited for Men & Women

CTA of Centrapeak


Overall Score 4.8

Korean Panax Ginseng: Ginseng has many health benefits, but most interestingly, it can directly influence how much testosterone the body releases [10].

Rhodiola Rosea: This extract has been shown to have a beneficial impact on hormone levels in general, including sex hormone balance [11].

Phosphatidylserine (PS): Don’t worry about how to pronounce this ingredient; it’s just important to know that there are proven links to improved T-count [12].

Luteolin: There has been a lot of research into the use of this ingredient with positive results for men with hypogonadism [13].

Bioperine: And finally, there is a black pepper extract to help with faster absorption of all the above ingredients [14].


Lifting dumbbell close up image

The first thing we did was compare blood hormone test results before and after six weeks of testing.

Those results showed that the entire test group had a 10% to 35% increase in serum testosterone.

We also heard from all of the men that they noticed improvements in their physical strength as well as libido.

The big question is whether those results could be beaten.

  • Contains only proven natural ingredients for boosted T-levels
  • Significant measured increases in free testosterone within about six weeks
  • Can help improve athletic performance and sex drive
  • Not available in stores with only order option on the official website


Supplement Facts of Testogen

Now let’s take a look at what we found with Testogen.

Ingredient Formula

You’ll notice that the formula is shorter and seems to have resulted in a stronger dose of key ingredients.

D-Aspartic Acid: This amino acid has been shown to significantly boost testosterone production, and Testogen contains quite a high dose [15].

Magnesium: Testogen also includes magnesium, as studies have shown a link between this mineral and cortisol and testosterone [16].

Fenugreek Extract: One study from PubMed was able to prove that Fenugreek supplementation can boost testosterone production by over 40% [17].

Nettle Leaf Extract: Scientists believe that this extract limits how quickly your body can transform testosterone into estrogen [18].

Korean Red Ginseng Extract: Another common herb in traditional medicine, this one has been shown to help with maintaining higher levels of free testosterone [19].

Vitamin B6: What’s interesting about vitamin B6 is that it seems to help testosterone production in combination with zinc and magnesium [20].

Zinc: This is a key mineral that the body needs in order to produce testosterone, and I wouldn’t recommend a T-boosting product without it [21].

Boron: Another common ingredient between the two, which isn’t surprising since researchers have shown significant improvements in T-levels using a daily intake of boron [22].

Bioperine: In both products, this black pepper extract is included to speed up nutrient absorption by up to 30% [23].

Suited for Men



Overall Score 4.7


Using a dumbbell close up image

After six weeks of testing Testogen, we got our test group to do another blood test to measure serum testosterone levels.

In all of the men, T-levels had increased, with the lowest increase being 18% and the highest at 41%.

With significantly higher low-end and greater overall increase across all test subjects, the results were noticeably better than what we achieved with Centrapeak.

And our testers also informed us that they started noticing improvements in their sex drive and general mood around the third week.

That was also faster than Centrapeak.

Our nutritionist believes one of the main reasons for the better results could be the inclusion of Fenugreek in the formula.

“Men who want to increase testosterone or libido could consider taking between 500-600mg of a standardized fenugreek formulation”

- Kamal Patel, MPH, MBA,

  • Greater measured testosterone increases after six weeks
  • Positive reviews from athletes about faster bulking phases
  • Comes with a great money-back guarantee for a risk-free trial
  • Works well to reduce inflammation and soreness after workouts
  • It’s not the cheapest supplement, but you get what you pay for

Suitability Features

Based on our research and test results, I got a few of my colleagues and a nutritionist to weigh in on whom these products are most suitable for.

Centrapeak Suitability

Training back muscles

Our results show good improvements in free testosterone levels and athletic performance.

Looking at the total amount of testosterone increase, I would say this supplement is suitable for people who don’t need to maximize their T-count as quickly as possible.

It’s a great option for men in their 40s and 50s to counteract the natural testosterone decline.

Testogen Suitability

A muscular man lifting dumbbells at the gym

Testogen is most suitable for performance athletes and bodybuilders.

Our results show that it can trigger a boost in hormone production in less than six weeks, with substantially higher levels achieved in our entire test group.

I personally take it on a regular basis and would recommend it leading up to bulking phases or competitive sports events.

Other Supplements Matched Against Testogen:

Long-Term Effects

In terms of long-term effects, our test results show that Testogen emerges as the superior choice over Centrapeak. Its formulation is designed for consistent, long-lasting testosterone support without adverse effects.

Our testers reported sustained improvements in energy, muscle growth, and overall vitality.

Unlike Centrapeak, Testogen's balanced blend of natural ingredients ensures effectiveness while minimizing potential long-term health risks, making it a reliable and safe option for prolonged use in enhancing testosterone levels and overall health.


Does Centrapeak Work Faster Than Testogen?

No, it looks like Centrapeak doesn’t work faster than Testogen. Our test group noted improvements in physical performance and libido within three weeks using Testogen, and it took about five weeks with Centrapeak.

Is Testogen Safe To Take Every Day?

Yes, Testogen is safe to take every day. The formula is based on entirely natural ingredients that are classed as generally safe to take. Our testing group also didn't report any negative effects during the trial phase.

Our Verdict on Centrapeak Vs Testogen

Based on all the research, feedback from a nutritionist, and test results, I would advise you to choose Testogen.

It has a simpler formula that delivers a stronger dose of key ingredients.

And with a faster and higher boost in measured testosterone, it will help you see results sooner.

Whether it’s to help with weight loss, achieve muscle gains, or improve your bedroom performance, it’s one product that can make quite a difference.

Suited for Men


Overall Score 4.7
  • Greater measured testosterone increases after six weeks
  • Positive reviews from athletes about faster bulking phases
  • Comes with a great money-back guarantee for a risk-free trial
  • Works well to reduce inflammation and soreness after workouts
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of February
  • It’s not the cheapest supplement, but you get what you pay for
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